The wind and rain compete with each other outside cottage number 5 here in Annamaghkerrig and you’d think that someone who professes, to a numbingly boring capacity, to be a lover of Wuthering Heights, would be inspired to write. Well, you’d be wrong. What I have done is update my site (stating the obvious), sent four emails that I’ve been delaying because they all involve the beginnings of making a decision, started three new books, yes, three, in the last two hours and it would have been four but it wasn’t available on Kindle, so then I went looking for it on various book sites only to discover that the cheapest copy started around £34, but libraries Ireland had a copy that I could request, if, ahem, I was a member, which I, ahem, wasn’t (I really hope none of my second level students read this, pot calling the kettle and all that), so I joined online but have to wait to go into the library…back in Kildare…to collect my card, before I can request a copy of the book, but, hey, the good news is they have it, sitting tantalisingly, in a tiny checkout trolley  somewhere out there in a space I can never get my head around (come on the Luddites/long live the Luddites), oh and it doesn’t end there, I have made lunch (Pasta and tomato sauce with peppers, celery and onions) drank three cups of Jasmine green tea, 2 pints of water, turned on and off lights to try out the mood change they might bring to the rooms and me, looked up cafes on trip adviser within a 40 mile radius, read the title of every book on the bookcase in the room here in cottage number 5, stood in the panelled door/window gazing out on the courtyard..kinda hoping someone would give a fleeting glance up and think it was Miss Worby’s ghost(tee hee), pared three pencils that didn’t need paring and now I’ve just wasted lead and…not to put too fine a point on it (Oh, joy, don’t you just love it when a pun comes to you like that)..and in short, I have spectacularly failed to add a single syllable to my debut novel that will never be that debutante going to that novel ball if I don’t do something soon about this brick wall I’m facing…actually figuratively and literally. Rant over. Phew. Now it’s time for a fourth cup of tea…

Author: paulineclooney11

Pauline Clooney grew up in County Laois. She is a retired English, History and Creative Writing teacher. She holds an M.Litt on Charlotte Brontë from NUI Maynooth and a MA in Creative Writing from UCD. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Creative Writing in the National University Maynooth, where her research is focusing on the honeymoon of Charlotte Brontë and Arthur Bell Nicholls in July, 1854. She has had her stories shortlisted for the RTE Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story competition and the Doolin Short Story competition in 2014. She has been longlisted for the inaugural Colm Tóibin Short Story competition and both the Fish Short Memoir competition (2014) and the Fish Short Story Prize (2015) and was placed second in the Doolin Short Story competition (2015). She won the RTE Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story competition in 2015. In 2016, Pauline established the Kildare Writing Centre where she facilitates courses in creative writing for adults.

4 thoughts on “Annamaghkerrig”

  1. Can so identify with this! I should be writing a blog post this afternoon. Instead, I’ve had 3 cups of tea – not even green 🙂 and spent 2 hours cleaning my kitchen. At least you’re spared the housekeeping detour this week! Glad your muse is co-operating today ❤


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