Charlotte and Arthur

You know how you set up a website and get excited about how you are going to blog every day and be a real writer and then (ahem) a few years later you can still count your blogs using your fingers…well it’s all about to change.

Get used to the heading, as I’m beginning a Ph.D in creative writing focusing on the honeymoon of Charlotte Brontë and Arthur Bell Nicholls in 1854, I intend blogging about it so much and making it so famous that you’ll be expecting to see photos in Hello!

I have been mulling over this project for a while now and I think I know a fair bit about Charlotte, her sisters, her brother and her father but you know the darndest thing is I don’t know where to start. The morning of the wedding? The courtship? (Could be a short chapter!) The teenage Charlotte yearning for a hero(preferably the Duke of Wellington) to come along and sweep her off her tiny feet?

It’s time to head back in time to the first half of the nineteenth century and face the brownstone buildings of Haworth and the Yorkshire moors undulating around a certain parsonage and meet the Brontës…I’ll keep you posted (promise).





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