June Fest Literary Event 2017.

june fest image

June Fest Literary event 2017 flyer

June Fest Literary event.

Town Hall, Newbridge, 8.00pm. June 7th, 2017

Admission €10.

‘Meet the Writers’

Former Kildare Arts Officer, Mary Lenihan

in conversation with

John MacKenna, Martin Malone and Maria Murphy.


June Fest Short Story Competition

The winning short story will be published in the Leinster Leader provincial newspaper and the winning writer will receive a specially commissioned bog oak sculpture by the renowned Kildare Sculptor and Artist, Brian O’ Loughlin, http://irishbogoak.com/

There are also vouchers and books for second and third place.

The Judge of this year’s competition,

Orla McAlinden,

will announce the winners.

Follow this link to find out more about the writers, the adjudicator of the short story competition and the musicians providing the music on the night. june-fest-literary-event-2017

June Fest Short Story competition Shortlist:

An Encounter with Black Tom Tyrant  by Mae Leonard

Carriage Clock by Nicola Cassidy

Daffodil Girl by Susan Knight

Hot White Wash by Rose Malone

Kicking the Habit  by Clare O’Reilly

Peace and Quiet by Patrick Dunne

Prediction  by Helen O’ Leary

Snail Male by Marcus Quinlan

The Problem with Julia  by Emma Smith

The Soldier by Maura Connolly.

Tipping Point by Pat J Mullan.


The adjudicator, Orla McAlinden, has very generously informed the festival that every entry has been annotated and had a brief report written. The annotated scripts and reports will be available from the judge at the end of the literary event.

Entrants who can’t attend the event can get their scripts and reports by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the Junefest Short Story address: Kildare Writing Centre, 23 Millford, Athgarvan, Newbridge.  Failing that, they can get their reports by email.

Best of luck to all the short-listed candidates. The winners will be announced at the ‘Meet The Writers’ event in the Town Hall , Newbridge, Wednesday, June 7th at 8.00pm.





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