‘Writing that Short Story’ What the students have been saying so far.


The course with Pauline was excellent. The timing and structure was just perfect and for the full 3 hours we got loads of work done. Pauline’s teaching skills are excellent but what I most enjoyed was the open and constructive feedback we all received weekly.

The 10 weeks flew and having the written assignments pushed us to stay going and have all work completed on time for the next week.

The size of the group was prefect we had enough time each week to follow up on feedback etc. The numbers were picked perfectly.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has improved my writing on my own novel greatly.



I have attended a series of workshops on short story writing, facilitated by Pauline Clooney at the Kildare Writing Centre.The preparation, attention to detail and facilitation of the series has been superb.  Pauline’s approach nurtures creativity and enables the participant to develop their writing skills whilst also building confidence. She facilitates each workshop with such enthusiasm, energy and passion. Pauline is clearly passionate about teaching the craft of writing and this passion is so evident in her excellent facilitation of each workshop. I particularly like the carefully structured format of each workshop and the opportunities for individual and group active engagement. Overall, this series of workshops is the best that I ever attended.  I have no hesitation in recommending this series of workshops on short story writing, facilitated by Pauline.

Mary Burke.

Patrick Dunne:

At Christmas 2016 I decided give myself a little present. To satisfy my simmering ambition to one day start writing, I signed up for the 10 week short story creative writing course with the Kildare Writing Centre. As an ordinary level English Leaving cert student of the 1970’s I had never previously written 1 story.  Between mid-January and St Patricks Day 2017 I wrote 8 short stories and I am absolutely delighted with what I have achieved. I am now confidently looking for suitable competitions to submit my work for judgement.

Pauline Clooney’s course is carefully planned and structured and is a comprehensive step by step guide to the craft of short story writing. The course is professionally conducted but with a ‘no pressure’, friendly atmosphere in a small group.

The practical description above does not begin to describe the difference this course has made to my life.

The knowledge, experience, guidance and friendly support from Pauline together with the fun and banter from the group each week created a wonderful atmosphere.

The innovative 10 minute writing exercises each Tuesday night were a relaxed individual little challenge and were an excellent way of opening up my mind and for getting things moving for each session.

The weekly reading assignments were extremely well chosen, varied and opened up new avenues of reading for me.

The weekly writing assignments took me, physically and mentally, on journeys of love, history, shock and morality amongst others. I plan to keep making new journeys as part of my wonderful new hobby long into the future.

The friends I gained during our short leap from winter to spring together is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

It has been so much more than a creative writing course.

Thank you Pauline.

Patrick Dunne




Ten weeks ago, I didn’t have the ‘literary tool-kit’ that I’m armed with, today.

Ten weeks ago, I hadn’t met the eight people that I’ve recently had the privilege of sharing my Tuesday evenings with.

Ten weeks ago, I’d never had a body of work broadcast or published – I’d never had the confidence or belief in my own work before, to reach that far.


Today, I have an in-depth knowledge of the craft of ‘Writing That Short Story’ thanks to ‘Kildare Writing Centre’s Teacher and Author, Pauline Clooney.

Today, I have eight new friends who share my passion for Writing.

Today, I can proudly say that I have had some of my work both broadcast on National Radio and published, in a leading, National newspaper.

Pauline Clooney facilitated each class with such professionalism, enthusiasm and passion. Every week was themed and we explored each theme, in-depth, by examining works of established writers and by hearing Pauline read aloud and discuss technical elements that supported and explained each specific theme, forensically.

Weekly, several of our weekly assignments were ‘work-shopped’. In-depth feedback from Pauline and the group, sculpted and built each of us, in our own unique styles, with our own unique voices, as writers.

That feedback has proven invaluable.

It’s such a learning curve – to step out of your work, to listen to and absorb the observations and suggestions of Pauline and the group – then to dive back in and turn your creation into something truly remarkable.

Thank you, Pauline Clooney, for helping me to discover my true ‘voice’ and ‘style’. Thank you for arming me with such extensive knowledge of our craft.

Thank you for building my belief and confidence in my own ability to create a little bit of literary magic.

̴Sara Shine


‘I feel this is a vital course to any writer, the material that we take home and also discuss in class gives a real insight in to the art of writing. The free writing at the start of the class is so important.  My stories have been work shopped several times throughout the ten week course and this has been so valuable especially with all the positive and constructive feedback.  I am very much looking forward to attending the next course with Pauline’
Audrey Moore

Pauline’s course has been a revelation for me. Even though I have attended various creative writing courses I have found that Pauline’s has been the most useful.

The creative environment to share our sometimes , very personal writing projects , alongside her sensitive and positive feedback techniques and excellent technical knowledge of the craft of writing , have all made this course both enjoyable and inspiring .
I highly recommend this course for anyone who dreams of writing…Marian.

  • My name is Carmel Walshe and I took part in Write a Short Story Course 6th Sept to 15 November 2016 run by Pauline Clooney in the Kildare Writing Centre and here are some of my thoughts on the course.

Pauline is an amazing teacher without being in any way “teacherish”. She brought out the best in all of us on the course in a relaxed non-judgmental atmosphere.

The course was extraordinarily well planned: the reading and writing exercises were perfectly in line with the material covered each evening.

I learned so much about the craft of the short story and the things that make it memorable while still retaining the unique hand-print of the author.

My writing has gained fluency, style and readability. With her encouragement I revised and rewrote and produced work of which I am extremely proud.

Pauline’s work-shopping of our work was one of the most helpful aspects of the course. It made me think to be more analytical about my writing

Most of all Pauline is one of the nicest people you could meet and is an amazing producer of baked goods!


  • Let me share my experience with you all. I recently attended a 10 week Creative Writing Course with the wonderful, Pauline Clooney, a teacher (actually a Guru) in The Patrician Secondary school.  The course covered every aspect of writing, the tools and techniques needed to bring your story to life.  This was all done in the surroundings of Pauline’s beautiful home in Athgarvan every Tuesday evening.  If you have any worries or self-doubts, and want to pursue writing, even as a hobby, then put these notions aside.   I’m not the cleverest person by far, but the confidence I came away with (plus 10 new stories to add to my portfolio) was second to none. I made some wonderful new friends too.  During a 15 minute break you also get to enjoy Pauline’s home baking (which I would have paid for just on its own) ‘honestly’!   One thing I came away with at the end of the course is the belief in myself to carry on writing! Thanks again Pauline for the wonderful encouragement and your positive critique always.  Like I said I went from an ‘Onion to a Rose’ in ten weeks and this was all down to your wonderful teaching.  Susan


  • I attended Pauline Clooney’s ten week short story workshops recently and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Pauline is an inspiring teacher / facilitator. She provides the class with accessible notes on the techniques of short story writing which we discuss along with short stories by acknowledged masters of the art. Learning from these we are encouraged to write stories which are then critiqued by the class, and most importantly by Pauline herself. Pauline’s critiques are possibly the high point of the class for she manages to combine encouragement with honesty. Anyone serious about short story writing should consider enrolling for a course of her workshops. Dr Arthur Broomfield.
  • When joining the class we all said a few words, who we were and what we expected from the ten week course. My desire was to learn more than anyone else, for I had no previous experience and was not one to read too much. Now what can I say? It was a real ten week roller coaster, getting home to work every week and reading many short stories and analysing them in class. The class were brilliant, I learned a lot from listening to them. I think I asked too many questions, but that’s me. Pauline was brilliant. I called her ‘teacher’. She guided me along gently, I can’t wait for another class next year.

Well done, Pauline.

John Smith.

P.S. you bake a mean apple tart!


  • Pauline got me writing… regularly.  Even though I wanted to write, there was always something else more important to do and writing was taking a back seat to everything.  Pauline’s honest, constructive feedback has helped me to focus and with her encouragement I have rekindled my excitement for writing and now I write every day.
  • The course materials and delivery were excellent but it was the group dynamic enabled by Pauline’s own obvious passion and love of writing that made the evenings so enjoyable.  I would highly recommend this course to a beginner or a seasoned writer as there is something in it for everyone.  I am truly envious of those who are lucky enough to gain a place on her next short story workshop and I wait with eager anticipation for an opportunity to take a course under Pauline’s tutelage in the future.  Janet Leavy.